Past, Present and Future Green Capitals Unite

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Today, four out of five Europeans live in towns or cities. Urban areas not only concentrate most of the environmental challenges facing our society today, but also bring together commitment and innovation to resolve them. The European Commission understands the important role local authorities play in improving municipalities and the Green Capital Award has been conceived to reward these efforts.

Holger Lange, the State Secretary for the Environment in Hamburg has been confirmed to speak during the Intelligent Cities Conference Programme this November. Mr. Lange will be joined by Per Ankerskjö, Vice Mayor for Stockholm and senior city representatives from the cities of Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain and Nantes in France, to discuss the challenges and opportunities experienced when implementing smart city initiatives in their own cities.

This panel line up, chaired by a senior spokesperson from the Covenant of Mayors, brings together all four cities who have won the prestigious European Green Capital Award – past, present and future, since the accolade was first awarded to Stockholm in 2010.

One of the other major focus areas covered during the three day conference agenda will be Energy Efficiency & Resource Management. Joe Montgomery, CEO for Europe, Urban Land Institute, is a regeneration specialist and will host a debate on how cities can best address the need for smarter buildings and homes. Simon Giles, Accenture’s global lead for smart technology strategy, chairs a session dedicated to sharing the lessons learned from current pilot smart grid projects and the implications for the future smart grid strategy. Gerhard Stryi-Hipp, President, RHC Platform, will explore renewable energy concepts in urban areas, Ferdinand Kleppmann, President, CEWEP, will share his Waste-to-Energy expertise and Per Arne Malmqvist, Scientific Director, Stockholm Water Institute, will discuss Smart Water and Waste-Water Infrastructure with Helge Daebel (Emerald Technology Ventures), Steffen Schäfer (IBM) and Philippe Gislette (Suez Environnement).

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