Germany Is Calling for Sustainable Development Experts

Germany, one of the more frequently discussed countries when it comes to investment in renewable energy projects through its highly touted feed-in-tariff, seeks to attract a new crop of young scientists to partner with German research institutions and corporations.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research is sponsoring a competition called “Green Talents: International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development.” They are seeking 15 outstanding scientists, 35 years of age or younger, in the following fields:

(1) Cleaner production in industry;
(2) Climate protection, adaptation to climate change, energy efficiency and CO2 reduction;
(3) Material and resource efficiency, sustainable resource management;
(4) Sustainable land-use management;
(5) Water technologies and water resources management; and
(6) Innovations in the service sector that are related to sustainability and sustainability strategies, policy-making, business and society.

Winners of the competition will be able to participate in a 10 day international forum this fall. During the forum, winners will travel throughout Germany visiting some of the leading universities, research institutions, and companies. Winners will be able to meet one on one with leading experts and have an opportunity to present their own research.

The Green Talents competition not only provides winners of the competition with exposure and opportunity to learn from experts in Germany, but also provides for a funded prolonged stay (up to three months) at a university, research institution, or company to further develop their research project.

The application deadline of June 20, 2010 is rapidly approaching. More information about the competition and application requirements can be found at

Walter Wang

Article appearing courtesy of CleanTechies

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