Shame us to action?!

Unnoticed by most, small in financial amount, but enormous in its symbolic meaning: German students acted while the world is waiting for each other.

Last week, during the UN climate talks in Bonn, Stuart Scott, member of Al Gore’s Climate Project (TCP), gave a presentation to 300 German students about climate change. The students were so moved that they spontaneously collected 131 Euro to be donated to the adaptation fund. (The picture shows Stewart, the students, and the head of the adaptation fund at a press conference in Bonn; courtesy of Steart Scott).

Of course, 131 Euro will not save the world. Of course, none of the students gave all their savings, but just a little bit of their weekly allowance, maybe just 1 – 3 % of it?

If you think that was ridiculously little, think again. Economists have calculated and presented to us repeatedly that we need 1-3% of the global GDP to effectively combat climate change; a pretty good deal compared to what catastrophes are looming in the case of inaction. But so far not a single country has committed to spare that amount of money to ensure a safe future for our children.

Now the kids are starting for us. It is time that we follow suit.

Maiken Winter

Sources: Stewart Scott (stuart.h.scott (at), It’s getting hot in here, The Daily IIJ

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