Intelligent Cities Expo 2011

Intelligent Cities Expo

This 8th – 10th November, the City of Hamburg in Germany will play host to an exciting new global exhibition and conference dedicated to the development of smart and sustainable cities of the future.  Intelligent Cities Expo 2011 will bring together a senior level delegation of city officials and other key city stakeholders including utility companies, transport operators, architects and engineers, telecoms and ICT companies, developers and contractors and any other organisation with responsibility for the creation a truly innovative urban future.

For today’s cities to achieve the transformation needed to become truly intelligent, stakeholders need to come together and define a roadmap to reach this goal.  The event takes a systems approach and looks at cities from every angle. It is only through this strategic and holistic view that attendees can successfully understand the interconnected nature of a city’s challenges and set about implementing the strategies and technologies to turn those challenges into opportunities. 

Intelligent Cities Expo will allow visitors to connect and build relationships with other key city stakeholders groups; hear case studies and debate from senior government officials and industry experts; discuss key challenges with innovative solution providers and ultimately inform major infrastructure investment decisions.

The Intelligent Cities Expo conference will welcome the industry’s leading experts to share experiences and exchange ideas, focusing on Energy Efficiency & Resource Conservation, Governance & Financing and Intelligent Transport & E-Mobility.  Global support for the event is unrivalled with Cities all over the word coming together alongside some major industry names including IBM, Oracle, Philips and Axis and key institutions like the EIB.

For more information about how you can participate as an exhibition visitor, conference delegate or exhibitor contact the organiser at [email protected] or call +44 1306 871 308.

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