How Kinomé treats trees and forests

Ending worldwide deforestation is Nicolas Métro’s vision for Kinomé, the social business he created in 2005. To achieve this goal, Kinomé, the «eye of the tree» in Japanese, is making trees and forests a solution to improve daily lives and local economies around the world, while contributing to climate change mitigation.

With 3 lines of business, applied research, consulting and project management, Kinomé breaks the silos and works with NGOs, companies, International institutions, universities, laboratories, research institutes…

  • The applied research programs, for instance the soil microbiology program, are carried out with international research institutes and universities. Those programs allow Kinomé to deepen its knowledge of what forests can bring to people and their environment.
  • Thanks to the protection and restoration of forests, and the promotion of products and services created by forests, the aim of the Kinomé’s projects is to improve the living conditions of the local populations. For instance, water access is improved by restoring river banks and springs’ vegetation, food security is improved by planting living hedges to protect crops from free-roaming cattle, health and nutrition are improved by the plantation of medicinal trees and fruit trees, and income-generating activities, such as the transformation of non-timber products, improve the revenues of the populations.
  • Kinomé also provides its expertise to companies such as Danone, Yves Rocher, Accor Hotels…in order to help them improve their supply chain and make their production more sustainable.

To go further, Kinomé created the international movement Forest&Life in 2010. At the moment, projects are carried out with local NGOs and local populations in 6 countries: Ecuador, Peru, Togo, France, India and Indonesia. Children are also included in all the Forest&Life projects: because they are indeed our future and they can contribute to a better present, they participate to the plantings, along with adults, and they are informed about the importance of protecting trees and forests.

Kinomé’s methodology is based on Ethical Leadership, which aims to innovate in order to satisfy the 7 fundamental needs of the human beings.

In order to measure the impacts of its projects on the fundamental needs of the populations, Kinomé thus created the Solution for Ethical Evolution ©, SEE ©, tool : an MRV (Measure-Review-Verify) tool, combining a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database and a GIS (Geographic Information System). This tool can be used not only in reforestation projects but also in development projects in general.

So far, over 4 million trees have been planted and protected in 18 countries on 4 continents, with direct impact on the living conditions of over 200 000 people. The international movement Forest&Life already federates over 10 000 members.


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