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Yutaka Kazamaki, Senior Designer von „Nectar Product Development” und Pionier von „Ecotopia”, im Gespräch mit dem CleanEnergy Project. Das Unternehmen ist auf die Entwicklung neuer Produkte spezialisiert. Unsere Gesprächsthemen: die laufende Ecotopia-Ausstellung, innovatives Design und neue Konzepte für nachhaltige Produkte.

Von 15. März bis 15. April 2010 beherbergt Nectar Product Development die aktuelle Ecotopia-Ausstellung. Das erklärte Ziel von Ecotopia ist es, die Entwicklung von Produkten zu fördern, welche ein gesundes Ökosystem und eine nachhaltig agierende Gesellschaft unterstützen.

Mister Kazamaki, what is the main idea behind the Ecotopia Exhibition?

Nectar is positioning itself as a genuine leader in sustainable design. Opening up to designers from all around the world with Ecotopia was a natural way to help conceptualize products for a sustainable society and grow awareness about the importance of products that work in harmony with our environment.

The jurors have selected 20 new concepts from designers to be shown in this exhibition. Can you tell us something about the selection process?

It was actually very simple. We all had to agree, that the products met a series of criteria for bringing up useful ideas for the future of sustainable design and ranked them on those criteria on a scale of one to ten. The twenty highest scores got in.

What was the most amazing concept that was submitted?

Everyone has their favorites. The media seems to like Shujoy Chakraborty’s exciting “Voltpot” design. Some people, like our press person, are partial to the ingenious simplicity of Jonathan Coop’s compostable composting box. Still, as far as I and the other judges are concerned, all of the concepts were amazing in their own way and we feel like proud grandparents. Obviously, the Ecotopia designs may meet with different levels of success, but each of them has something important to say.

Which facts are essential for a concept to be put into practice?

There are a lot of concepts based purely on facts or proven research. There also are couple of products already on the market doing impressive business. We were very open to what Americans call “blue sky” designs – designs that are purely speculative which may not be immediately feasible. However, I would say that most of the concepts we received were practical.

Nectar is a well-known product development company. What will be your main goals for the next five years?

Nectar is, of course, committed to bringing high quality, practical products to market for our clients. Our goal is to continue to do this while also continuing to grow awareness of  the importance of sustainable products, fostering environmentally aware ideas and practices, and doing whatever we can to make a better future for everyone on the planet.

Mister Kazamaki, thank you for the interview.

Joachim Kern

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