Money can’t buy you happiness

Money can be the means to an end, but it is not the end by itself.

It is nothing new that money is not a guarantee for happiness. This fact has been demonstrated again by a study by the Mexican researcher Mariano Rojas: general life satisfaction was similar among people of different income levels. Programs  aiming to reduce world poverty therefore need to look beyond money. Money is an important means for a happier life, as it enables people access to education, to health providers, and food. But money is not the end by itself, it does not create happiness, if people do not learn how to use money wisely.

Therefore, even though programs can raise people out of poverty, they do not necessarily make them happier. Many other factors but money make people happy, such as social stability, a meaningful life, a safe environment. And that cannot be bought, not by the richest person in the world. It might be helpful to remember this fact when striving for ever increasing economic growth and wealth, neglecting factors that make our life truly worth living.

Maiken Winter

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