CO2 declared as „dangerous pollutant“

In the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) serves as the main governmental agency that leads research on the protection of human and environmental health. Under former president Bush, the EPA lost a lot of its functions, because many environmental problems were not regarded as important.

Things have changed dramatically since president Obama took over earlier this year. One of the most dramatic changes is how climate science is accepted as an important messenger for urgent change. While president Obama is fighting for more effective climate regulations, the EPA is now taking charge of speeding up necessary actions.

EPA administrator Linda Jackson will soon declare that CO2, together with several other greenhouse gases, are dangerous for human health and the environment. This declaration will be an important step to speed up further regulations on greenhouse gas emissions, because it would obligate the agency to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act – no matter if Congress passes the climate bill or not.

Let’s hope that this step will help speed up effective regulations in the states. It could  also serve as an important example for other countries.

Maiken Winter

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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