On the way to Poznan

For months I have waited for this day – to go to the UN Climate meetings in Poznan, and find out for myself how the road towards a sustainable and safe future is built, towards a future that will be decided upon in Copenhagen in December 2009.

My little adventure has not started so great. Hopefully this is just the difficult start to three highly productive days. A defect lock and constructions on the train tracks caused me to miss my train and will finally get me crawling into the hostel way after midnight (after having left at 7:30 am). At least I will be greeted by a comfortable 12 bed hostel room….Well, there ARE things that speak for a different way to travel by private jet and in fancy hotels like others might do…But at least I DO sit in a train again, which will get me slowly closer to my destination.

Why in the world am I going anyway? I want to experience what makes the world move, how some of the processes are working that decide over the future of my children. The Poznan conference offers an overwhelming amount of information. Just deciding what sessions to attend seems like an impossible task. Hopefully, the vastness of programs will not stand in the way of an agreement towards a clear goal.

I will focus on finding out more about renewable energy solutions, because this is an area in which each one of us can make a difference. We just need more information on the different possibilities in this sector.

So please stay posted during the next – and last – 3 days of COP 14.

Maiken Winter

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