Closing price gap between renewables and fossil energies

A recent publication by the World Resource Institute (WRI) for the southeastern United States indicates clearly: fossil fuels are not the cheapest source of energy any more. This result is, of course, not at all surprising for those who are actively involved in the renewable energy market, and who have experienced the tremendous growth in renewable energies during the last decade.

Costs of various electric power resources in $ per MWh

But for those who are still skeptical about the potential and economic feasability of renewable energies, the figure to the left might still be a surprise:

The costs of various electric power sources (in $ per MWh) are overlapping. Fossil fuels are not cheaper any more than renwables. Photovoltaik and nuclear energy are the most expensive sources of energy right now. However, prices for photovoltaic continue to decline and will likely become a lot more affordable in the near future.

Renewables do not only provide independene from other nations, they are not only essential to ensure a safe future for all, but they are also good for our wallets.

Clearly, renewable energies are a win win win investment. There is no good reason to not support them but personal short-term interest in reaping profit from outdated technologies.

Maiken Winter

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