4th Dii Desert Energy Conference


Amidst political reforms, a growing population is increasing energy demand in the Middle East and North Africa region so that desert power is quickly becoming a realistic business opportunity. Ambitious wind and solar plans have already been initiated by local governments, amounting to a total target capacity of 50 GW.

Improving the region’s energy mix with secure, affordable and clean energy involves a multifaceted approach. This can be achieved most efficiently through a comprehensive energy partnership between Europe and the MENA region. The more countries cooperating earlier, the more robust and affordable the transition to a sustainable EUMENA power system will be.

The international industrial initiative Dii invites you to the 4th Dii Desert Energy conference in Rabat October 30 and 31 to be part of the dialogue that shapes the future energy supply in EUMENA.

Relevant stakeholders from dynamic companies and institutions across EUMENA have already confirmed participation including Energy Ministers from the region and further VIPs.

Key Visual finalThis year’s conference program is comprehensive, tackling the issues that matter most to strengthening renewable energy markets in MENA, such as the necessary political support for sustainable energy in desert regions, the regulatory challenges and technical means of transmitting electricity over long distances, solutions to smart and cost-effective market integration of renewable energy, and the support of industrial development and sustainable jobs.

Join the discussion in the Corum Rabat Convention and Exhibition Center in Skhirat in Morocco and find out the actions needed to build up the renewable energy market in MENA… and Let’s. Get. Started.

For more information please visit: www.dii-conference.com

Dii GmbH

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