$3 billion grants to boost renewable energies in the U.S.

The U.S. government will spend $ 3 billion to support projects that invest in renewable projects within the U.S. The grant money, that will be paid in form of tax credits, will go out to companies that start their project in 2009 or 2010. It is estimated that this stimulus will support about 5000 new projects, averaging about $600,000 per project.

This grant will give an important boost to the U.S. economy, creatingnew jobs, and stimulating the manufactoring industry, especially in solar, wind, and geothermal. The requirement that projects need to start within the next 18 months is a great incentive to not wait any longer but get going on the way to repower the U.S.  with 100% renewables.

What seems like an idealistic dream might just come true in the U.S., because the Americans are „doers“; that is, they act upon quickly what they believe is right. Whereas we Europeans like to think and discuss and rethink ideas for an exuberant amount of time. Sometimes, American ideas and actions are misguided. But when they are not, then their determined actions are of great benefit for the world.

Right now, the U.S.’s plan to repower America might be laughed at. But if the Americans continue on their path, they might amaze the rest of us more quickly than we can imagine.

Good luck, U.S.! It would be amazing if at the end you would show us how to do what is needed. Somebody has to take the lead; it might as well be you, the „doers“ while the“thinkers“ are still discussing and debating about the best ways to move forward.

Maiken Winter

Source: ENN,

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